Actively Preventing Slips and Falls – Innovative Ways to Enhance Protection

Actively Preventing Slips and Falls – Innovative Ways to Enhance Protection

Preventing slips and trips can be a big challenge for families with children, as accidents do occur. However, many slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided if you take the necessary precautions. The key to preventing all types of falls and slips is by being aware of them, avoiding them, and knowing how to deal with them when they do occur.

Here are some basic tips to help you lower your risk of slipping and falling. Make sure that you always use the proper type of outdoor lighting. One common cause of slipping and falling is due to bad or missing lighting, which can easily be fixed with the right kind of outdoor lighting.

You may not see the potential dangers that poorly placed or broken outdoor lighting can cause, so always make sure that your stairs are well lit, including your steps, so that you can make it easier to navigate through the dark.

If you have concrete or paved surfaces, then consider removing them, particularly around pool areas, fire pits, and other hazardous outdoor surfaces. These surfaces are particularly slippery when wet, so they pose a huge risk of falling.

Also remember that concrete and paved surfaces are especially slippery in winter, which is another reason why they’re usually seen near the driveway. Remove these hazardous surfaces, or at least install slip-resistant footwear around them.

Prevent slips on icy surfaces by using a non-slip coating on the floor of your garage. Some people also choose to put a small amount of rock salt on their concrete garage floors. Though this might sound a little drastic, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to avoid slips on snow-covered garage floors. You could also opt for this quality Non-Slip Pool Deck Paint to enhance protection.

Rock salt acts like an anti-slip agent, which improves the grip between your feet and reduces the amount of friction that can result in slips and fall injuries. Lighting in or around your garage is another matter that can lead to a number of accidents and injuries. If you have inadequate or poor quality lighting, then you’re much more likely to fall and get injured.

Poor lighting is a very big issue around the holidays when people often spend a lot of time inside their cars. Garage lights installed properly can make dark parking lots safer for everyone. It’s also advised that you replace your lighting with proper Christmas lights, as well as a strong or bright light in or around the garage during the times that you’ll be out of the house.

Finally, one of the biggest hazards for drivers, pedestrians, and that parking around vehicles is what’s called “slipping and falling”. “Slipping” simply means that you are putting yourself at a higher risk of making a slip or fall. This is a huge problem in the winter months when people are more likely to be inside their cars than at other times of the year.

In order to avoid such hazards, make sure you have adequate flooring and handrails on your sidewalks, walkways, and ramps. In addition, there is another category of hazards that are caused by varying levels of frost or ice on the sidewalks and stairs.

Some people are simply more at risk of slipping when ice builds up on the sidewalk or stairs. Others are more apt to fall when snow builds up on the steps or the carpet of their stairs. Again, varying temperatures and varying levels of frost can make all the difference between how likely you are to get hurt by these slippery conditions.

Of course, prevention is always key. Avoid putting yourself, as well as everyone in the home, at risk by avoiding all those slippery surfaces. Make sure that your sidewalks and outdoor paths are clear of debris and snow so that no one slips or falls.

Installing safety signs in appropriate locations can help, as can making sure that all your vehicles have proper hazard lights and snowplows on them. These are a few things that you can do to prevent those slippery surfaces.

Tom Faraday