Men In Skirts – Interesting Facts

Men In Skirts – Interesting Facts

We have heard of the male purse. We have heard of males wearing manicure. We have found guys garbed in female’s clothes, no hold on, that is crossing dressing today (not that there is anything that you do not like about it.) But how about guys sporting skirts?

Kilts are common. They are a part of a Scottish customized, particularly when they are having a wedding. You are able to also find kilt rentals readily available for that kind of theme. But what in case males start putting on kilts for a daily outfit? Would not that function as the revolution of the century?

Nevertheless, the simple fact is, the male’s skirt, apart from kilts, is certainly much more common than we think. For probably the lengthiest period, gentlemen were definitely putting on dresses and not merely because of the main reason that it is cozy. Discover Irish Kilts that stand out when you pop over to The Celtic Croft. See the best deals and try something new!

Remarkable males, males of faith-based impact, guys that go into battle, examine your history textbooks, and you will see all these males dressed in skirts.


In older days, there were not actually any pants. Everybody donned skirts. Pants are the truth is underwear, like long johns or underpants or panties. Skirts were initially invented in Armenia in 3,900 B.C. Woven from straws, females, and males of any lifestyle sport skirt and also had their unique variation of it. There is lungi, sarong, and kanga in Asia as well as the typical kilt in Scotland.

Must you examine historic Egyptian paintings, you can essentially see the evidence that everybody from the pharaoh right down to the slaves wore clothing. Sumerians donned skirts. Greeks donned togas. Chinese wore dresses. And let’s remember the kimonos which the Japanese love to place on.

World Domination In A Skirt

Actually the Macedonian king, the popular Alexander the fantastic dominated the entire world, riding horses and also top battle, dressed in a skirt. He might say it was obviously a tunic, but in case it is not stitched in the center, it is a skirt. When Christopher Columbus found America, he was dressed in a nifty little knee-high skirt.

This takes us with the concept that perhaps if Hitler had recorded on a skirt, he would be successful in ruling the whole planet. Though we are digressing and that is an extra story. Though you need to give it with the Aztec Indians that put on absolutely nothing else but loincloths, and it is simply to discuss the very sensitive body parts.

Skirt-wearing declined sometime across the Victorian times. That is when gentlemen have been regarded way too flashy with their clothing and were demoted to using much more sober clothes. Thus emerged the trousers & skirts were never witnessed once again in males.

Making A Comeback

The rebellious teen years of the 1960s observed an attempt to revive dresses on guys. Generally, there came this unisex fashion movement that attempted to cloud the series between male garments and female garments.

However, the skirt thing did not seriously be fashionable. The very best it completely changed among men were velvet trousers, frilled or flowered shirts, and also neckties, along with locks that are long.

In the 70s, an individual single-handedly made an attempt to motivate males to place on skirts. He contended they are sensible because it does not abrade the groin area, it is cool on a warm climate, and symbolically, males are able to take in feminine attributes. He published many posts on it, made a trip on talk shows. Clearly skirt using yet never caught on.

Nevertheless, it is early. The pattern has a method for recycling alone. There’ll come a period when it is not simply the kilts that males will use but actual skirts.

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