Becoming A Celebrity Bodyguard – What It Takes

Becoming A Celebrity Bodyguard – What It Takes

Wish to enjoy dinner with Justin Timberlake on an everyday schedule? Would you like to escort Lady Gaga through a crowd of jealous followers with your handheld firm on her waist? Want to find out who Tara Reid’s newest BFF is? Be a celebrity bodyguard, as well as odds, are high you are going to spend the remainder of your productive life attending A list parties and also being surrounded by the paparazzi.

Nevertheless, becoming a celebrity bodyguard just isn’t as cool and glamorous as it appears to an outsider. The typical notion is the fact that a bodyguard’s function involves simply bashing people who cross the line. Bodyguards should attempt to stay away from fights at all costs. Emphasis is on outwitting the press and fans that are crazy and also ensuring that the celebrity stays secure while in public.

So, how does a person be a bodyguard of the likes of Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise, Madonna, or maybe Channing Tatum? Contact a firm that focuses on providing security to famous women and celebrities. Check out several characteristics which security companies think about when figuring out a candidate’s suitability.


The initial point that any potential employer will examine is if the candidate is experienced. This is true for security organizations also. Probability of a wet-behind-the-ears amateur getting hired to guard a celeb client is extremely remote. Agencies favor retired cops, army experts, and others who have been effective in police agencies in previous times.

Such people have practical experience in taking charge and utilizing their power to manage out-of-hand situations. This is a characteristic that invariably will come with experience. Top celebrities like security at par with company tycoons and politicians. Just those with expertise need to apply. And speaking of experienced, it’s highly reasonable to only opt for instructors that have extensive experience in the field. You will find many at LaSorsa & Associates.

A Clean Record

Different firms employ unique parameters. Nevertheless, the general opinion would be that the individual should not become a security threat to the whole operation. A questionable past is invariably a deal-breaker. Stringent security checks deal with the candidate’s crime report and also habits like the use of alcohol and drugs. Even DUI convictions are able to work against you.


A bodyguard is necessary to do much more than just look intimidating. Fans might appreciate and adore celebrities, though they frequently get a little obsessive in their enthusiasm. Simply take a look at clips of celebrities being essentially assaulted by overzealous fans. In every situation, you are going to find the star actually being shielded by a bodyguard.

Photographers and fans generally breach the celebrity’s private space. This usually places the celebrity under the threat of actual physical injury. It’s the guard’s duty to eliminate the danger and protect his or maybe her customer. This is exactly why protection professionals are anticipated to be well versed in hand-to-hand combat. Possessing advanced and defensive driving skills is definitely a plus.


Though the term bodyguard conjures the picture associated with a human gorilla, the majority of expert bodyguards insist that their primary task is avoiding confrontations. While he or perhaps she gets top publicity when jogging alongside the famous person, the genuine work is completed prior to the celeb exits the structure.

Bodyguards think ahead, foresee problems, as well as determine methods to reduce problems. Information that a celeb’s bodyguard was associated with an altercation is inevitably blamed on the movie star. The security experts are required to determine when you should work with their fists, when to allow their jaws on the talking, and when you should dismiss the idiot on the sidelines.

Difficult Working Conditions

Bodyguards don’t possess the luxury of sticking to a nine-to-five regimen. They’ve to be available anytime the celebrity requires their services. Odd hours might assist them to make more often, though a hard family life and also an erratic interpersonal life go with all the tasks.

Unprofessional Clients

Veterans have described real-life instances like being forced to thoroughly clean a sloshed film star’s vomit and also guard 2 celebrities that were making out in a semi-public place. Only some celebrities indulge in pursuits that are such. Nevertheless, difficult clients are a component of every career as well as the security business is no different.

Getting a component of a celebrity’s group and staying in the glare without experiencing any private limelight is demanding. In case you’re currently excited about being a celebrity’s protector, enroll in security tight and do your very best to work your way on the top.

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