Why Buy An Beard Trimmer?

Why Buy An Beard Trimmer?

Precisely why would anybody buy an electric shaver every time a razor is very much more affordable?

For many males, it boils down to 2 factors – lifestyle as well as skin sensitivity.

Note: When talking about razors, I’m talking about the traditional safety razor rather than the straight razor typically seen in barber shops for trimming aspect burns and such. You can check the review for theĀ top rated trimmer for men for 2019.


The largest factor in why a male will purchase an electrical shaver over a safety razor is a lifestyle. In case you’re those types of males that remain in bed until the final possible second or even find you will find fewer minutes early in the day than there must be, then your daily life needs an electrical shaver.

With an electric powered shaver, you are able to shave while driving. Are you able to envision attempting to shave with a disposable razor on the drive into the office? Between the shaving cream all around the steering wheel and also the slices all over your face – you will make quite a sight.

Electric shavers are lightweight and you also are able to shave with a dried out face. Most shavers are going to hold a charge for as much as a month’s worth of shave succeeding the ideal instrument for the “drive and shave” male.

In case you end up hurrying in common but are not in the practice of shaving when you drive, purchasing an electric shaver remains a great move for you personally. You are able to shave faster with an electric powered shaver as you do not need to go slow to stay away from cutting your face.

Additionally, you are able to shave anywhere. Because you do not have to be near a sink to cope with shaving cream or perhaps near a mirror to find out what you’re engaging in, you are able to shave while dumping a cup of coffee, creating a bowl of cereal or even reading through the early morning news online.

An electric powered shaver will be the multi-tasker’s answer to shaving. You are able to do 2 things at once and continue to not lower your face along the way. You are able to shave while in the bathtub while getting dressed and while flooring the john. Try performing that with a razor.

In addition to that, an electrically charged shaver helps you save period because the cleanup is a lot simpler. You do not have to utilize a gel or perhaps foam. You are able to clean your shaver heads immediately after you shave or even put it off until you’ve even more time. A regular razor becomes clogged up with foam or gel in case you do not wash it instantly.

Purchase An electrical Shaver Based on Skin Type

The next element besides lifestyle will be your skin sensitivity. Many males complain that electric razors dry their skin. This’s true initially but with numerous security razors, you are able to also see drying consequences from shaving. Your face has to become used to the brand-new shaving blades or even heads. When your face changes, the drying effect must go away.

In case your skin is prone and sensitive to razor burn an electric powered shaver is a necessity. You are able to say farewell to razor burn and obtain a far more comfortable shave on a regular basis.

While a straight razor could lower your facial skin, a safety razor is much less apt to achieve that. Nevertheless, in case you shave against the feed, you’ll probably nick yourself which is somewhat annoying. In case you’ve previously forgotten to go for the small bits of toilet paper off your nicks prior to leaving the home, you understand precisely how shameful nicks can be.

When you purchase an electric razor you can say goodbye to each of that. You are able to go against the grain most you like without lower yourself. Heck, you get to shave in sectors without actually focus on what you’re doing but still get yourself an excellent shave.

However, with an electric powered razor, you might discover you have a five o’clock shadow if your skin hair has a tendency to get rapidly. This’s among probably the biggest downsides to the electric shaver. But hey, females dig the scruffy appearance so in case that’s probably the biggest downside, you are able to live with that perfect?

Thus in the conclusion, I say you must buy an electric shaver in case you’re a male on the go and do not like the hassle of cuts and nicks on your face.

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