The Essential Guide to Traveling With a Baby

The Essential Guide to Traveling With a Baby

Traveling with a baby is an incredible way to share time together and create lasting memories, but it is vitally important that safety remains top of mind at all times when taking this journey.

The Essential Guide to Traveling with a Baby contains tips and suggestions that can make your trip as seamless and pleasurable as possible.

Check with Your Pediatrician

Infants and babies must be up-to-date with all necessary immunizations before traveling – particularly by air travel. Consult a pediatrician about which vaccinations would best fit for baby depending on where and when your trip takes place.

Airplane cabins can be stressful on baby’s immune system. To be on the safe side, bring along some mosquito repellent.

As with any trip, an exhausted baby can quickly become distressed during car or plane rides. Make sure they are provided with toys to play with and their favorite blanket, singing songs and reading books can all help to keep baby quiet during travels. Also consider giving them pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil as these may help relieve any earaches that arise*

Bring a Car Seat

Whenever traveling with an infant, older baby or toddler you must bring a car seat approved by the FAA for travel use. Travel car seats tend to be lighter than regular seats (meaning less airport schlepping for you!).

If your child is older than 2 years, baby gear rental services provide car seats and pack ‘n plays that have been properly taken care of and cleaned before rental.

Car seats not only ensure your child’s safety during a flight, but they can also give both of you some much-needed restful moments during any unexpected inflight turbulence.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Packing a first aid kit when traveling with a baby is always advisable, whether for an international journey or simply visiting Grandma for the weekend. Being prepared will keep both you and your little one safer should something unexpected come up during their travels.

Traveling with an infant or toddler requires special consideration, as their fragile bodies require protection from potential illnesses or injuries that could occur while away from home.

Include first aid necessities such as band-aids, thermometers and pain relievers when packing for a vacation with children, such as bandages, thermometers and pain relievers. Sanitizing wipes or disposable tray covers may also come in handy in cleaning any dirty surfaces your baby comes into contact with; and antihistamine medication could come in handy should any allergies or asthma attacks strike during your trip.

Pack Snacks

Traveling with infants or toddlers can be stressful, so packing snacks that keep them happy can make the trip less arduous. Aim to include items that can be eaten quickly like packaged fruit cups and crackers for easy snacking on-the-go.

Airplane food may not meet the needs of infants or toddlers, so packing their meals can save both time and money while guaranteeing they get their favorite foods! Plus, bring on board can save time with customizing for each flight!

Try these simple, mess-free travel snacks for babies and toddlers to keep your child occupied during long flights or road trips! Just make sure that any foods requiring refrigeration or that could potentially cause your child to choke are taken through security!

Pack a Blanket

Pack your baby’s favorite blanket when traveling with them – this can help them sleep on the plane and feel more secure when sleeping in their destination bed.

As well as blankets, you should also bring along swaddle blankets. These thin blankets can be used for various tasks – including swaddling your sleeping child!

Bring some snacks and activities to keep your baby busy while traveling, such as finger foods, Sophie the Giraffe dolls or anything they find appealing! Additionally, bring along extra diapers and wipes in case any of those supplies run out along your journey! Finally, ensure that a changing pad and extra diapers/wipes are available – this way there won’t be any surprises along the way!

Pack a Stroller

Traveling with an infant or toddler is entirely achievable and even enjoyable if prepared carefully. From receiving medical clearance to finding accommodations such as cribs and car seats, there are plenty of tips for traveling with infants or toddlers that will ensure an easy journey.

Keep your baby’s feeding and sleep schedule consistent when traveling, particularly newborns and infants who thrive on routine. Following their usual feeding and sleeping times will ensure their happiness while away from home and make the transition back easier when you return. If space in your luggage is at a premium, renting travel crib or car seat from companies like BabyQuip may help save space while traveling lighter.

Bring a High Chair

A space saving high chair makes feeding your infant or toddler much simpler on travel trips, helping prevent spills and providing you with the chance to focus on enjoying your meal without interruptions from other members of the party.

Fabric seat harnesses are an ideal solution for babies under six months, while older infants may require something different. You could try taping cardboard boxes or books to the footplate so they are high enough for weight bearing when sitting up upright.

Reading books and playing I Spy games are great ways to keep your baby or toddler occupied while traveling, encouraging them to follow their sleep routine in either their bassinet or car seat. This will also keep them engaged!

Bring a Pack n Play

As you move through security and the airport, providing your child with a play area will help them remain engaged. In addition, bring along snacks and wipes in case your flight is delayed or you arrive a bit behind schedule – this will provide peace of mind should anything arise that alters their plans.

Pack n plays provide your baby with a familiar place to rest their heads during travel, making sure that he or she sleeps through the night.

If your baby has an established bedtime routine, make an effort to stick with this schedule as much as possible during travel. Infants and babies can find it challenging adjusting to new time zones; consistency is therefore key. Packing some favorite toys or books might also help to ensure a happy journey!

Pack a Diaper Bag

An essential item to pack when travelling with a baby is a diaper bag, which will carry their essential items such as bottles, bibs, diapers and wipes as well as changing pads, infant ear protection and hand sanitizer.

Search for a travel diaper bag with organized pockets and zippered compartments that make finding baby’s items faster, as well as one featuring an easily-accessible changing station with detachable pacifier case for quick access. A backpack diaper bag may be ideal as it provides hands-free travel; its detachable changing pad sleeve enables hands-free travel while the large pocket keeps everything organized. In addition, its variety of colors ensure it will match any lifestyle.



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