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About the Body Festival

After the huge successes of Body Festival in 2011, where over 27,000 people took part, we are once again delighted to present a truly outstanding programme of dance and physical theatre.

Community events are to the festival fore with our roller disco launch set to take over New Brighton Pier and our ‘Have a Go’ workshops all to be held around some of our suburban malls as we take dance to the community. With no fewer than eight world premieres, The Body Festival demonstrates itself to be right up there on the calendar of festivals, presenting professional, high quality contemporary dance alongside our ever-growing participatory programme.

Amy Bowie

body festival

The Body Festival is a project of the Dance and Physical Theatre Trust, a charitable trust that which aims to support and promote the dance industry in Christchurch and the South Island.

Performance Events

Performance Events

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'Have-A-Go' Workshops

'Have-A-Go' Workshops

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Community Events

Community Events

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